Artificial Intelligence (AI) App Development

The Top 5 Startup Trends in Mobile App Development for 2017

Mobile app development is providing the basis for countless startups to launch their successful business to the world. Many of them are recently disrupting the process of mobile app development through easier and faster ways of building apps for the everyday use.

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Lisbon city center at sunset. Portugal

Why Lisbon is becoming Europe´s hottest startup hub

Lisbon´s startup scene is booming more than ever before. The “city of the seven hills” is attracting an ever-increasing number of investors and entrepreneurs from abroad due to its tech-friendly infrastructure, creative, talented youth and the – compared to Berlin or London – still small, but highly ambitious startup community. The transition into a startup capital, however, has only began a few years ago.

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How to prototype your app with no budget

You have already validated your great idea and know that this app will conquer the market? Now you want to hire instantly an app developer and get the job done? Congrats! This way you will not only lose precious resources in terms of money, as the developer would have to start from scratch, but you will also regret that you haven`t set up a prototype to better understand your final product.

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