The success of any startup is based on their creativity, their direction, and the strategies that they can apply to consolidate in the market. Nevertheless, there are some other very important aspects for the success of any startup – the employees.


For this reason, we must know and understand that there are several kinds of employees in the market, and here’s how to bring together the personalities that will make your startup function like a well-oiled machine!


1. Mr. Correct


Your startup wouldn’t be the same without the Mr. Correct. They’ll stop at nothing to tell you exactly what they think about any topic. They’re largely obsessive with the general rules and have a very concrete worldview that couldn’t be shaken even by an earthquake. They’re driven to understand every detail. After all, how could you be sure the Sales Modeling in phase 2 works properly if it isn’t reconciled with the integration 2.1 plug-in? It’s just common sense, right?



Every startup needs their Mr. Correct. If there’s a problem, they have the solution. If there’s a question, they have the answer. Chances are, you’ve never, ever heard them utter the words “I don’t know.”

With their clarity, decisiveness, and dedication they’ll close even the most difficult deals!


2. The Startup “Sugar-Daddy”



They’re the ones with money and power. Well, at least they think so. They always hustle and push their concept until it catches. Their team is always decked out in company “swag” that they insist spending budget on.









They think they are Rockstars and act accordingly. Their credit card goes from hand to hand among team-members. So, they’re the ones funding the crazy marketing campaigns and are willing to let you purchase another unnecessary social media marketing tool. (PS: You don’t see them almost never having a lunch with the team, because they’re busy outside dining with friends or clients)

They are a true go-getters though! They get down to business and motivate everyone to complete the week’s tasks in time. Every startup needs this person to achieve the goals it has set for itself! 


3. The “I’ve-Got-Everything-Under-Control” Type


They’re the first ones to come in the morning, and the last ones to leave. Even if they’ve been in an all-night rave party the night before. They appear to have everything under control and rarely stay behind in their tasks. Completely empty Trello sheet by the end of ever week, you know the feeling?

However, nothing’s as good as it seems. In reality, they’re often running around, stressing out about small things, and don’t allow themselves any personal fun or out-of-commitments activities.

They are a real asset for your startup though, they are like a worker bees that are self-motivated, straight-shooters that fire off ideas, and get work done at the same speed. They understand the real value of things. They keep detailed notes and save every memo, research link, and draft version. All. Of. Them.


After all they believe that those who forget the past are doomed to make a completely unavoidable mistake. And the rest of the team will be eternally grateful when their foresight averts disaster.


4. The “I’m-So-Funny” Type


Humor is essential for any office environment. If you can’t have a laugh with your colleagues then the office environment of your startup is seriously affected.

However, when it comes to humor it’s essential to know the lines and also know when to stop. The “I’m-So-Funny” Type is obviously to these points.


They love to (quite often) crack random and over-heard jokes, and think that they’re good at it. Some of their jokes are actually very funny but they can distract others from work.

They’re the shining pearls of your startup though, because they’re always prepared for everything and willing to pitch in to work with anyone at a moment’s notice. Their real ability to create connections among team members, laugh at themselves and others, and shift perspective at the right time – is an essential ingredient to a happy team!


5. The Non-Glamorous Techie 


A watchful protector and a silent knight – they keep the business up and running.  They combine a bunch of other tropes into one super-strange hoodie-clothed body. The jokes that are only recognizable as jokes because of the uncomfortable pause after them. The constant vibe of having somewhere more important to be. 




It’s like The Techie learned how to be human by taking the not-so-good qualities of everyone else in your startup and combining them. The only difference is, you  really need The Techie in your team. So you must listen to them because who else is going to reset your network ID?

As you can see there’s a wide variety of employees to choose from! So, which of these have you already met or are currently working with? Let us know in the comments below ?


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  1. Dan

    I don’t have enough information to give any specific answer. I wish I could. The IT part is phenomenal and I have many assumptions of who is leading that. However, I’ve experienced that IT is really a team effort. I think throwing in some “weird” person into the mix will help with risk management. There is a LOT of details—but there is Always so much creative energy that goes into. I have always admired people who do things better than me. It confirms I’m in a good place. God is certainly proud I’’m sure! That is a silly joke. In all fairness to do projects like this takes a lot of great people.

    Sorry that was a bit long winded.

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