App Development Mistakes

The history of Mobile Apps starts back from 1983 when Steve Jobs predicted for the first time a software distribution center at a conference in Aspen. Till 2008, when App store by Apple, with just 500+ apps, was launched in July, followed by the introduction of its biggest rival Google’s Android Market in October 2008.

App Development Mistakes – This created a revolution in the mobile phone industry with the inception of a new smartphone era. From the beginning, these stores were markets open to everyone, from small independent developers to big corporate houses. They all started fighting for some memory in our phones. Now, these two app stores are the biggest mobile app distributors with millions of apps serving us with fun games, social networking platforms, e-retail aggregation, and travel assistance.

After that, they opened doors for other businesses. And just like any other business/project, before making a start, you need to plan, prepare and avoid some common mistakes to stand out. Especially, when the industry is relatively new.

In this article, we will discuss 5 most common mistakes made by the mobile app developers that you should avoid before going deep down in the process of the mobile app development:

1 – App Development Mistakes –Lack of research

Firstly, you may find an idea that came into your mind unique. Your friends and family also find that your idea is new and potent. And the next thing you do – you start developing the app. Or start finding app developers for your idea. That’s a most common mistake. But have you done your primary and secondary research? By primary research we mean, have you actually asked a significant number of people whether they will download your app? Secondary research includes exploiting all the readable resources related to your idea. To find out if any similar apps exist and how successful they are.

App Development MistakesYou also have to check if any big companies have similar projects in their pipeline. Finally, only after all this reading and analysis, you will be able to create a product, which will be different from the market and will have a USP. The research is also required for you to decide on the ultimate goal of your app, target audience, monetization strategy, and marketing approach.

2 – App development = Coding

Many people, who are not technical experts, will see mobile app development just as simple code-writing. This is absolutely wrong. The mobile app development starts right from the very first image of the User Interface that you create in your mind. It requires vision, strategy, design, architecture, and purpose. Of course, the app development cannot be done without coding, but at the same time, mere coding will not give you desired results.

Obviously, it is important that your idea gets executed the way you want. Therefore, clear expectations and communication with the coders is a must. But coders will not make a decision regarding pricing, maintenance, features, and marketing. Hence, you have to decide on the in and out of the business aspect of your app development. Remember, coding is a necessary condition but not the sufficient one.

3 – Delayed marketing

Many people procrastinate in developing a marketing plan for their apps and sometimes start thinking about their marketing strategy only after the app is developed. You cannot imagine how much time you will waste if you will do so. Just imagine that your app is ready after huge investments of time, money and effort but nobody knows about the app itself. No one is searching for it in the App store.

Certainly, a marketing strategy is a must so the company can start executing the plan right after the development. And people will start downloading your app from the very first day. Also remember, your work does not end at the app download step. You have to make sure that people consistently use your app. This also requires tools like offers, push notifications and other engaging features. Hence, marketing strategy and app development go hand in hand.

App Development Mistakes4 – App Development Mistakes – One for all

This mistake can make not only small developers but also big companies. They try to be everything at the same time. You can see apps, which start with digital payment services. But then, they start serving you as e-commerce aggregators, stock brokers, mobile phone recharge service, travel assistance and much more. Things may take off eventually and you can expand as well as diversify in other areas through your app.

Your approach of “being everything for everybody” will ultimately give you a highly complex product which will take up a lot of memory in the users’ phones. UI will get complex. People will get confused and irritated with a lot of features in the app. Instead, think about one or two purposes.

5 – No fixed budget

This mistake is self-explanatory and the most common one. It is very rare that you will find an investor with open doors who will tell you “take how much ever you need”. You must have a fixed budget and an accurate estimation of the costs. App design, development, and marketing require a lot of money.

Other factors, which drive the costs are features, maintenance, customer service, error correction and introduction of new functions. Although the exact cost estimation of any project is not possible. But you should try to reach as close as possible.

Bottom line

App Development Mistakes – In this article, we discussed some very common pitfalls involved in mobile app development. The whole point of it is that you have to be prepared with some strategic moves before entering the market. Think of a problem-solving idea, do your research, fix a budget and come up with a plan for both pre-launch and post-launch of the app.

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