App Development Myths

Smartphones are playing a huge role in the world economy now and will continue to do so in the near future. Who gets the credit for this? Governments for increasing internet penetration, or smartphone manufacturers? Or the rising young population around the world? Certainly, it is possible that all of the above are the reasons for this growth. But we cannot ignore the Mobile App Developers. No doubt, they are who make your life easier with the latest ideas.

App Development Myths. Mobile app development is itself a big industry. Play Store from Google (Android) and App Store from Apple (iOS) provide the biggest markets to the developers to offer their products to the users. Now, if you also have an amazing new business idea or you want to get closer to your customers by being in the reach of their fingers, then you might think of a mobile app.

But first, let’s discuss 6 persistent myths revolving around the mobile app development:

1 – App Development Myths – An idea is enough

An idea is a necessary but not sufficient condition to get started with your app development. There is no use of having a breath-taking idea and then ending up with a complicated app. You should think about the applicability and feasibility of your idea. And how your app will help in the execution of it. The app should be simple to use, fast and most importantly serve the purpose. Only these factors will give your app some space in the user’s phone memory.

2 – Master in coding = master in app development

App development is not just coding. Frameworks, architecture, UX, design, etc. are all parts of this deal. Of course, you need coders.
App Development MythsBut app developer should not only be an expert in coding but also be able to have a vision of your final product. Even if you do not have a lot of knowledge in the technical part of it, you should be able to communicate properly to the developer on how you want your app to work. For this, you have to stay updated on the latest technologies and trends in the area of mobile app development.

3 – People will automatically start using your app

This is one of the biggest and most dangerous myths, that exists. We live in a world of marketing where information is not consumed but shown in every possible way. Same is the chaos in the digital world. There are millions of apps on Google play and app store. Many of them competing for the same market. Your app will be lost somewhere in this crowd if you will not have a marketing plan targeting potential users. Application store optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Youtube Advertising, etc. you should consider everything while creating your marketing mix.

4 – People have downloaded the app. The work is done.

App Development Myths – Unfortunately, your work has just started. What if the users have downloaded your app and stopped using it? These users are called “passive”. Your app will ultimately die a slow death if you do not continuously attract the users. For this, come up with the latest features. Many app developers also include games and puzzles in their apps so that customers spend more time using them. Some mobile apps use push notifications with the latest offers to remind customers that they exist in their phones. Repetitive visits and more time on the app prove that customers like your app. Word-of-mouth marketing of the app will be done by the users. You can rely on them with minimum revenue every month.

5 – Customer support is not so important

App Development Myths – Will you trust an app which does not have any customer support? Of course not. Still, you will find numerous apps on the app stores without any customer care service or help desk.
App Development Myths Whereas many apps use technologies from chatbots to web assistance, just to make sure that users do not feel lost. This requires a proactive approach and “Customer first” value in your business. Another thing is the reply section of the app store reviews. Every feedback is important. This gives a feeling of acknowledgment to the customer. Be grateful to the appreciation and apologetic to the criticism.

6 – App development is too expensive/too cheap

Thinking app development is too expensive or too cheap, either way wrong. App development is not a standard procedure or a universal path. It is like starting a new business. You should have a budget and a plan. You can invest as much as you want on the development. Majorly cost depends on your idea, data collection, design, developers and marketing. You can spend a few hundred dollars or millions if you want.


App Development Myths – If you think you have an idea that can change the market dynamics then just be confident and start doing your research on the app development. Do not be afraid to take the first step towards the app development but remember about the upcoming challenges on your way.

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