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App Store business capitalizes billions of dollars for Apple annually. But would bring the account to zero without the developers creating great apps for the iOS platform. Regarding the fact that an iPhone would worth far less without the applications to highlight the abilities of its operating system and hardware. With more than 14,000 new apps being launched on a weekly basis, there are very little chances of getting featured on the App Store. But there are some efforts that you can implement. Even if you have a great product that your users love, it is also important for the developers to think about Apple’s considerations.

App Store – And not only being featured in the “Featured App” but also having a “Featured Page” makes things a lot better for your business. Featured app page makes you feel unique, giving you a separate storage page. Featured pages have proven to increase CVR, indicating that your app is downloading worthy.

Winning a Featured Page

Likewise, being placed in the featured tab, there isn’t a formal way of winning a featured page. Considering this, it is very clear that Apple leverages this feature to boost the growth of the trending apps. As well as, sole-developers with high-quality apps. And also, other apps that have established a position as a leader in a specific niche.

App storeSo, how do you get your app featured on the Featured App Page?

Before submitting your app at the App Store, first, you need to have an amazing designed app that should be great at the functionality and address all the needs of your users. Along with this, you should also design a:

Error-free app

Always ensure that your app is of the highest quality. Otherwise, it is going to be a make or break situation for your business. Keep the design intuitive, simple, and useful. This is very important as the Apple Store editors will never choose or promote a flawed app.

Putting your bets on native

Developing a native is the best step to take. Apple always looks for those apps that companies develop specially for iOS platform. Because these are generally of high quality, and also, have a better experience. With hybrid apps, you are compromising the user experience in order to use it on other platforms. Takeaway – if you want to get featured in the App Store, remember to build a native app as it enhances the user experience.

Endorsing Apple

Apple always tries to promote its own products. So you need to align your app’s goal with Apple’s schema. Developing an App with Apple’s products in mind is one of the best ways to get featured in the App Store. If you will help Apple in promoting its products, Apple will help in promoting your app.

Keep your App updated

Always keep your App updated and relevant to your users. These updates will keep the visitors engaged and will offer uninterrupted services.

Leveraging Apps Store Listing

app store

Optimize your App Store page to boost the number of downloads. You only have a few seconds to persuade a good impression on your prospects. Every element of your page is going to determine if the user is going to download your app.

Optimization to increase visibility

Optimizing your App Store listing will show your app higher in search result pages. Optimization will drive more traffic and ultimately will get you more downloads. Making you noticed by the editors. So you need to plan all the keywords strategically throughout the listing of your app.

Designing a Creative Icon

Design an icon for your app that is attractive, distinct, and unique. This is the very first thing that a visitor sees while searching for your app on the App Store. Your icon will display the theme of your app. In order to increase the CTR, you must design an icon that stands out among the hoard of the wales competitors.

App Store – Keep your Ratings High

The numbers behind ratings and reviews reflect the user experience. When people are deciding whether they should download your app or not, they look at the app’s ratings. 4.5 rating or higher are considered to be a safe spot by the Apple Store.

App Store – Promoting your App

Promote your mobile app before and after launching your app. You should consider creating a website for your app where the users can learn more about the app and how they can use it.

Pitch your app to App Store Editors

Apple Store Editors review plenty of free and paid apps, on a daily basis. Apple receives more than thousands of pitches to feature its mobile apps. This tactic can prove useful if done with the correct algorithm. Craft an enticing pitch, that correctly outlines, what your app does and how it is unique from your niche competitors. Editors look for high-quality apps in every category that is trending and has recent updates in terms of functionality.

Although, these points are not the only ones that will feature your app in the App Store. But, they can surely increase the chances. A quality app that is useful and unique will get featured for sure. 

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