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App Development – 5 Steps from Idea to App Store

The mobile app environment is showing no signs of slowing down soon. According to the Global Mobile App Market Report, the predictive revenue is about to reach around $80.6 billion by 2020. Which is almost doubled up from $44.6 billion in 2016. With a number of 2.2 million apps in the App Store and 2.8 million apps in the Play Store, developing high-quality apps combined with a solid marketing strategy is the only guarantee of success. But with so much competition in this industry, the chances that you will create a ‘Winner’ are extremely low unless you follow a ‘Star’ app development roadmap.

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Munich – 5 Reasons Why Munich Is The Silicon Valley Of Germany

In recent years, Munich has become a hotspot for the start-up scene around app development, AI and other technologies. The reasons for this are various developments towards becoming a startup-friendly city. We took a closer look which 5 aspects played an important role for this.

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AI Chatbots replacing Admin support

AI Chatbots: Artificial Intelligence generates curiosity like nothing else. The mix of reality and assumptions make it an instant buzz. But, in the last two years, AI has been creating hype for a reason. It has entered into mainstream business in the true sense of the word. And you’ll be surprised to know that global funding for AI has jumped by 60%. Isn’t it interesting? Also, the investors are no more willing to invest in projects that don’t involve AI. This is the sign of the impact of this innovative technology.

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AI initiatives: Freedom vs. Control – EU vs. China

The European Commission spread the word that a strong AI ecosystem will be one of the decisive factors for overall competitiveness in the upcoming years. While currently the dominant global player is still the USA, that laid the foundations for current supremacy decades ago. China and the European Union are trying to catch up in the field of artificial intelligence with varying degrees of commitment and success. The strategies are quite different, not only because of the cultural reasons.



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Artificial Intelligence in Fashion – AI Applications

With a an estimated worth of $3 trillion, the Fashion Industry is one of the most valued sectors worldwide. The potential of using AI in this industry is actually bigger than we all can imagine. Artificial Intelligence chatbots is only a first small step, as the Fashion Industry is more complicated than it looks.

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AI series – Truth behind Enterprise Applications of AI

With the emergence of AI, industries are booming today by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. So it is not just a buzzword anymore but has become an integral part of the industries. Most of these industries have undergone a transformation with the applications of AI. By the way, statistics say that by 2035, AI will boost the economic growth by 1.7% across 16 industrial domains.

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Artificial Intelligence in Beauty Industry

Artificial Intelligence in the Beauty Industry is the next revolution that all women around the world would be very excited about. AI can not miss the industry that is worth now 445$ billion. Great number, right? From cosmetic stores, beauty corners to supermarkets, beauty products are everywhere.

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The Huge Potential of AI’s Emotion Detection

Emotion detection – Understanding and predicting human emotions has never been easy. We often cannot explain our emotions and why we feel what we feel. This is where AI comes into play. AI can provide new insights into this topic and be a viable method to automatically and accurately detect human emotions.


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