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New Mobile App features 2019

New Mobile App features 2019 – Our Top list

This article is going to be about improvement and innovation. There was a time when mobile phones used to come with just a black & white display and a keypad. The maximum you could do on that phone was conversing with people. Then came a time when mobile phones started coming up with timers, games, internet, and music. All these developments of mobile phones were gradual. But the year 2008 came with a disruption called the App store by Apple with just over 500 apps.

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App Development Expectations

App Development Expectations vs. Reality

Want to make a payment to someone but don’t have a possibility to actually visit this person? Use a digital wallet app. Want to pay phone or electricity bills etc..? You have an app for that too. This shows that mobile apps have become an integral part of our life and a necessity for an enterprise. The mobile app industry has become bigger than ever before. The world has come into a 6-inch screen within the reach of two thumbs. State of Mobile Market Report 2019 by shows the same.

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App Development Myths

App Development process guide in 11 easy steps

There are tons of app building programs on the market, that can help you make your vision a reality. But before all of this, you should start planning and strategizing your app development part.

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App Development Mistakes

App Development Mistakes – Top 5 list

The history of Mobile Apps starts back from 1983 when Steve Jobs predicted for the first time a software distribution center at a conference in Aspen. Till 2008, when App store by Apple, with just 500+ apps, was launched in July, followed by the introduction of its biggest rival Google’s Android Market in October 2008.

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App Development Myths

App Development Myths – A list of the top 6

Smartphones are playing a huge role in the world economy now and will continue to do so in the near future. Who gets the credit for this? Governments for increasing internet penetration, or smartphone manufacturers? Or the rising young population around the world? Certainly, it is possible that all of the above are the reasons for this growth. But we cannot ignore the Mobile App Developers. No doubt, they are who make your life easier with the latest ideas.

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Mobile App Benefits

App Development Risks To Consider

According to Gartner, within the next five years, 70% of software interactions in enterprises will occur on mobile devices. The pace of mobile application development and innovation is accelerating. We have more devices, apps and New Mobile App Features. Yet if you will rush full steam ahead into a mobility project without properly assessing the risks, you’re bound to run into troubles.

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Innovative App Funktionen

New Mobile App Features of 2019

Some mobile apps are useful, engaging, and fun to use. But most of them are frustrating, dull, and nearly useless. What makes the good ones different? What features, design aspects, and ecosystems separate them from the rest of the apps in the market? Certainly, a valuable mobile app has features that enhance the functionality of the app and presents an improved customer experience. Based on why your company actually needs an app, here are some of the trending mobile app features that can help create a Useful and Successful mobile application for your business.

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Business App - Startup Creator

Business App Necessity – Why do you need it

As declared by Morgan Stanley, the mobile movement is the 5th major technology cycle in the past 50 years. Mobile traffic owns nearly a quarter of the web traffic share. From offices to bus stop queues, restaurant waiting rooms, and checkout lines, there isn’t a place where people are not using their mobile phones. Nearly, 50% of the teen and young adult population are mobile users. And women aged 35 to 54 are the ones who dominate them. So, if you think mobile is just a habit of today’s youth, we suggest you reconsider that stance.

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App Ideas 2019

New mobile app ideas 2019 – The top 7 list

Smartphones have made our lives so easy in terms of purchasing, finding details, locating a place, contacting, ordering food, selecting deals, and so much more. As the stats show, mobile sales have been increased by 58% compared with the previous year. But, before you head towards the app development chaos, the very first step is to figure out the idea for a successful mobile application. In our blog post, we have listed some of the brilliant mobile app ideas that you can choose to be your next big business idea.

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App Highlights 2018

Apps 2018 – List of the most successful

Apps 2018 – Now that we are in 2019 and the mobile app development is still pacing faster than ever, we need to take a look at the most successful mobile apps that have changed the game in 2018. Mobile apps are one of the main reasons why people are using smartphones these days. The mobile app industry is experiencing a positive revolution with hundreds of new applications every day. But there are some apps that have already made their space in every smartphone across the world.

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