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App Ideas 2019

New mobile app ideas 2019 – The top 7 list

Smartphones have made our lives so easy in terms of purchasing, finding details, locating a place, contacting, ordering food, selecting deals, and so much more. As the stats show, mobile sales have been increased by 58% compared with the previous year. But, before you head towards the app development chaos, the very first step is to figure out the idea for a successful mobile application. In our blog post, we have listed some of the brilliant mobile app ideas that you can choose to be your next big business idea.

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budget plan

Budget plan – How to use your budget more effectively

Every startup needs a budget plan. There are young entrepreneurs who are full of ideas and positivity to work. Today people are looking forward to invest in their own business. Of course, opening a startup requires some skills. But it is going to be difficult if you don’t know how to plan your budget effectively.

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offshoring india

Offshoring India: Boom Software Development in India

According to the facts, 80% of the European and US outsourcing firms ranked India as their number one outsourcing destination. And the National Association of Software & Service Companies also reported that India’s export revenue touched a lot more than $56-$57 billion marks. With the globalization, it is not a surprise that Big Brand names are practicing offshore outsourcing to India. As the part of the overall business strategy. Offshoring software development process to India is here to stay as an IT trend. It has already grown, evolved, matured and is still living up to its potential.

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Startups benefit AI

4 great ways how Startups benefit from AI

Artificial Intelligence has enormous potential for the business world! Many entrepreneurs are not aware of  the magnitude this technical revolution has to offer and miss out on a huge chance to boost their startup. But how? Startup Creator got your back and identified the biggest AI opportunities for your startup.

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Instagram Ideen

5 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Startups

Instagram is the social media platform number one right now and a strong marketing tool for startup brands. If you want to stand out and attract customers, you need to think about your unique style and content.

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4 Reasons Startups Fail

Top 3 Reasons Why Startups Fail

Becoming an entrepreneur and founding a company is not easy. Fact is, that 90% of all startups don’t survive the harsh business world. But why? Here are our top 3 reasons why startups fail.

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AI Opportunities

The AI Revolution Part 2: AI Opportunities and Threats

After clarifying the definition of Artificial Intelligence in the first part of our AI Revolution-Series, we will delve deeper into the topic this time. The potential of AI is enormous. It can lead us towards a prosperous future or be the doom of humanity. We present to you the 4 biggest AI opportunities and threats.

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Startup AI

The AI Revolution Part 1: AI for Beginners

Artificial Intelligence is the hottest topic of 2018. Without a doubt will it have a significant impact on our future way of living. However, AI is still new to many people and the majority can’t categorize it properly.

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Technological Expertise

Entrepreneurial Journey Part 5: Technological Expertise

It’s time! Our Entrepreneurial Journey comes to an end. The 5th and final part is here and will give your entrepreneurial self the finishing touch. The last piece of the puzzle is called Technological Expertise.


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startup networking

Entrepreneurial Journey Part 4: Strong Network

Our Entrepreneurial Journey goes into the 4th round. This time, your interpersonal skills get tested. When developing your startup, the right connections can play a decisive factor in its success. For this, you need one thing: A strong network.


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