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Insights and Takeaways from Munich Bits & Pretzels

Startup Creator attended Germany’s largest tech conference – Bits & Pretzels! Here are our key insights and takeaways!
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Why Entrepreneurial Marketing is the Trend in 21st Century?


You may know what an entrepreneur is and you know what marketing is, but what exactly is “entrepreneurial marketing” and why is the trend in 21st century? Read More

Startup Creator Goes to Bits & Pretzels!

Startup Creator is attending the Bits and Pretzels Festival. We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you to get your tech startup off the ground!

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How to build your startup without a tech cofounder

You’ve got your business plan mapped out but the missing tech cofounder is blocking your enthusiasm to get things started? You’ve tried to gain knowledge on development but the small learning steps are frustrating you and let you question your decisions. Don’t let a missing tech cofounder endanger your endeavor!

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Start business zero budget

How to start your business with zero budget

Having difficulties getting your business started? You think you don’t have the capital and the tools? In theory, starting a business is like building an Ikea shelf together while going through the operation manual and using the tools provided. But if you neither have the operational manual nor the tools you will never get started!

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5 Steps to Master your Startup Crowdfunding Campaign

Entrepreneurship is tough. And funding a startup is not an easy task unless you have deep connections with even deeper pockets.

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Why An MVP App Is The Best Way To Build Your Startup

You heard about all the failed startups (90% of all startups do so!)? Now you are scared of starting your own app business? Just imagine, you are going to lose your whole fortune since you focused on the wrong idea. Well, if you are familiar with the MVP app concept, this won’t be necessarily the case.

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How VR startups disrupt these 5 major industries

Media attention shifted in 2016. While Virtual Reality (VR) was commonly related to Gaming, it`s establishing now a second driver in VR startup development: Utility apps.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) App Development

The Top 5 Startup Trends in Mobile App Development for 2017

Mobile app development is providing the basis for countless startups to launch their successful business to the world. Many of them are recently disrupting the process of mobile app development through easier and faster ways of building apps for the everyday use.

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