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Hidden Costs App Development – 5 Unexpected Costs

Mobile App Development – As businesses have jumped into the mobile world making their services and products handy for their clients, many make a common mistake of not considering the cost of developing mobile app correctly. They jump into the process without really understanding the true costs of developing an app. On the other hand, most of them consider that development cost starts and ends with the developer. But there is more to it that you should anticipate before starting your development project.

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mobile app trends

App Trends 2019 – Ultimate List of Top Mobile App Trends in 2019

Considering the current situation, it is not a big deal to say that Smartphone users are now addicted to mobile applications. First of all, from checking the daily routine in the morning. We start using applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger to know how many people tried to connect with us. From getting updates on anniversaries or birthdays via social media platforms. Watching movies or web series on apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime. And then to making bookings for Movies, Lunches, Dinners, cabs. Hence you can do everything easily through your Smartphone.

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Munich Startup

Startup Hub Munich – Why Munich is the Silicon Valley of Germany

In recent years, Munich has become a hotspot for the start-up scene around app development, AI and other technologies. The reasons for this are various developments towards becoming a startup-friendly city. We took a closer look which 5 aspects played an important role for this.

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ai, industrial, artificial intelligence

AI series – Truth behind Enterprise Applications of AI

With the emergence of AI, industries are booming today by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. So it is not just a buzzword anymore but has become an integral part of the industries. Most of these industries have undergone a transformation with the applications of AI. By the way, statistics say that by 2035, AI will boost the economic growth by 1.7% across 16 industrial domains.

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TensorFlow Startup

How Google’s TensorFlow enables AI for Small Businesses

Artificial Intelligence is no longer futuristic fiction. It has become reality. A reality that is slowly changing every dimension of our lives. And it is time that AI becomes available for smaller companies as well.

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Human-like AI

The Big Ethical Question: Should AI Become Human-Like?

Human-like AI is the next big step in the development process of Artificial Intelligence. The question now is: Do we really want that to happen? Do we really need human-like AI?


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Artificial Intelligence in the Food Industry

The Artificial Intelligence usage was very limited before, but now it’s slowly becoming a part of our daily life. In the last few years, it was implemented into the multiple sectors including media, education, transportation, healthcare, gaming, finance, marketing, and now food.

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AI Doctor on blurred background using digital artificial intelligence interface 3D rendering

AI plans to transform the Healthcare Sector

The AI’s usage in Medicine is still very limited these days. Its’ adaptation is a problem and the Healthcare sector has been slow to implement it so far. But that should change.

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automatica 2018

Automatica 2018 – The fair of Automation and Robotics

Automatica 2018 – the fair of Automation and Robotics once again gathered in Munich, Germany, on June 19-22, industrial automations, robotics and machine experts from around the world.

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Startups benefit AI

4 great ways how Startups benefit from AI

Artificial Intelligence has enormous potential for the business world! Many entrepreneurs are not aware of  the magnitude this technical revolution has to offer and miss out on a huge chance to boost their startup. But how? Startup Creator got your back and identified the biggest AI opportunities for your startup.

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