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AI Chatbots replacing Admin support

AI Chatbots: Artificial Intelligence generates curiosity like nothing else. The mix of reality and assumptions make it an instant buzz. But, in the last two years, AI has been creating hype for a reason. It has entered into mainstream business in the true sense of the word. And you’ll be surprised to know that global funding for AI has jumped by 60%. Isn’t it interesting? Also, the investors are no more willing to invest in projects that don’t involve AI. This is the sign of the impact of this innovative technology.

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AI initiatives: Freedom vs. Control – EU vs. China

The European Commission spread the word that a strong AI ecosystem will be one of the decisive factors for overall competitiveness in the upcoming years. While currently the dominant global player is still the USA, that laid the foundations for current supremacy decades ago. China and the European Union are trying to catch up in the field of artificial intelligence with varying degrees of commitment and success. The strategies are quite different, not only because of the cultural reasons.



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The Huge Potential of AI’s Emotion Detection

Emotion detection – Understanding and predicting human emotions has never been easy. We often cannot explain our emotions and why we feel what we feel. This is where AI comes into play. AI can provide new insights into this topic and be a viable method to automatically and accurately detect human emotions.


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automatica 2018

Automatica 2018 – The fair of Automation and Robotics

Automatica 2018 – the fair of Automation and Robotics once again gathered in Munich, Germany, on June 19-22, industrial automations, robotics and machine experts from around the world.

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Startups benefit AI

4 great ways how Startups benefit from AI

Artificial Intelligence has enormous potential for the business world! Many entrepreneurs are not aware of  the magnitude this technical revolution has to offer and miss out on a huge chance to boost their startup. But how? Startup Creator got your back and identified the biggest AI opportunities for your startup.

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AI Opportunities

The AI Revolution Part 2: AI Opportunities and Threats

After clarifying the definition of Artificial Intelligence in the first part of our AI Revolution-Series, we will delve deeper into the topic this time. The potential of AI is enormous. It can lead us towards a prosperous future or be the doom of humanity. We present to you the 4 biggest AI opportunities and threats.

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Startup AI

The AI Revolution Part 1: AI for Beginners

Artificial Intelligence is the hottest topic of 2018. Without a doubt will it have a significant impact on our future way of living. However, AI is still new to many people and the majority can’t categorize it properly.

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Technological Expertise

Entrepreneurial Journey Part 5: Technological Expertise

It’s time! Our Entrepreneurial Journey comes to an end. The 5th and final part is here and will give your entrepreneurial self the finishing touch. The last piece of the puzzle is called Technological Expertise.


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