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App Development Considerations

App Development Considerations – Top 5 Advices For Your Company App

Brand reputation and customer experience play an important role in the development of modern day enterprises. They offer enormous value to real-time data that companies can process and further use for better functionality of their apps. Hence, the development companies, who are into building new apps, need to adopt an innovative approach for enterprise application development.

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Mobile App Benefits

Mobile App Benefits – Should Your Business Invest In A Mobile App?

With the stats showing numbers like 3.5 million apps in the Google Play Store and with more than 2.2 million in App Store, it seems like every business has a mobile app. Even your local department store might be getting one for a more trending shopping experience. The desire for even small or local businesses to build their own app is completely understandable. As it may give them ways to boost their business. And a solid number of users will help them in determining – how the app adds to the overall value of the business and how to value an app. Find out more about mobile app benefits.

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App Store

App Store – 10 Tips How To Get Your Mobile App Featured

App Store business capitalizes billions of dollars for Apple annually. But would bring the account to zero without the developers creating great apps for the iOS platform. Regarding the fact that an iPhone would worth far less without the applications to highlight the abilities of its operating system and hardware. With more than 14,000 new apps being launched on a weekly basis, there are very little chances of getting featured on the App Store. But there are some efforts that you can implement. Even if you have a great product that your users love, it is also important for the developers to think about Apple’s considerations.

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Mobile App Budget Mistakes

Mobile App Budget Mistakes – What to Avoid in 2019

With the number of mobile phones rising and reaching a number of 2.5 billion, there is a significant jump in the number of smartphone apps present in the mobile world. After knowing the true potential of mobile apps in engagement and reaching out to the users, many of the business owners have extended their investment in the mobile app development. An effective strategic plan and the right budget statement for the app development process is the road to successful mobile app development.

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Mobile App Roadmap

Mobile App Roadmap – How To Build Your Successful App Roadmap

According to Market Research, only 40% of the developed products make it to the market and out of that 40%, only 60% generate any revenue. So, if you are planning to develop a product, start by creating its roadmap!

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App Development Frameworks – Top 5 Frameworks

Mobile App development proves very vital for every modern business, but there are a lot of tools and software that can get the job done correctly. Many will ask you to opt for pure native, some will tell you to go for the hybrid, and others will talk about frameworks that will help you develop an app that goes cross-platform native. So, which frameworks do you consider will be part of the favorite list of 2019? But, before this, we should know what actually Mobile Development Frameworks are?

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Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented Reality App Development – Top 4 Challenges

Augmented Reality App Development – The Augmented Reality market is growing significantly and is expected to reach $160 billion by the year 2020. The experience that Augmented Reality is building in one’s everyday life is what accounts its exponential growth. The uses cases of AR extend beyond just games or movies. It has spread its hands to marketing, education, parenting, and even workplace communication. These are the reasons why AR mobile apps are so popular. They create a personalized experience that is based on the user’s surroundings. AR builds a cohesive world in existence, taking the person beyond the physical reality of everyday life.

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Fashion App

Fashion App – 4 Essential Must Dos for Your Fashion App

With the advent of mobile applications, there is no such industry that has remained untouched from it. One of these industries is Fashion. Fashion industry deals with lifestyle and ideas. When it comes to moving fashion towards the technology, websites and apps have made life a lot easier. According to the recent stats of Business off Fashion, the fashion industry has observed an increase of about 3.5-4.5% in 2018 with the use of mobile applications.

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travel app

Travel App – How Innovative Apps Will Enhance The Travel Industry

Upcoming digital technologies are enhancing the travel brand experience across the spectrum of platforms. From how people choose packages, select places, and make bookings have become a big part of customer engagement. For a while, seemed like, the digital revolution was only affecting those industries centered-around technology. But as the technology made advancements, it has unfiltered into the industries that can never be imagined. Evolving technologies like artificial intelligence and voice recognition are providing new ways for consumers to interact with their companies. And for brands to interact with their consumers, respectively.

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app development process, apps

App Development Process – Quick Guideline for Founders

App Development process – Will this work? Am I making a huge mistake? These are some common questions that founders ask when their app is in development state. There are more than 5 million apps currently present on the App and Google stores. Developing an app that users might like is a challenging task. Still every day multiple startups prove that conquering this edgy market is not impossible. These are startups that have big ideas, develop their apps in an excellent way and then change them into successful projects with high revenue. But, how do they do that?

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