App Startup Guide will take you through the main principles to keep in mind when developing your mobile app strategy or MVP.

When you’re a startup, it’s not enough to have a new idea. You have to  be able to prove your new idea works and is viable – that you have the skills and technology to make it and produce it. 

The first step to proving viability is to build a minimum viable product (MVP).

In App Startup Guide, we want to share what every startup should know about building a MVP, based on what we’ve learned  from prototyping MVPs for clients. If this is your first-ever app development attempt, we will help you to get from A to Z and help to ensure the project is a success!


What’s Included:


* Transforming an idea into an actionable mobile app strategy, covering areas from product definition, market research, prototyping and budgeting.

* How to approach design and development planning and execution, including choosing platforms, user experience, step-by-step development approaches, and testing frameworks.

* How to ensure long-term success beyond the initial product launch.


eBook Preview:

So, don’t wait for the right moment to start. The moment is now! Contact Startup Creator and let us build together your visual identity and your final product in form of a website or app and bring your idea to life. ?

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