Automatica 2020 – The fair of Automation and Robotics

Automatica 2020 – the fair of Automation and Robotics will once again be held in Munich, Germany, on June 16-19, industrial automation, robotics and machine experts from around the world.

It’s a leading event for automation and innovation where you can find the world’s largest assortment of robotics, conveyor lines and machine vision systems. Automatica is a place where companies from all industries can find innovative solutions that enable them to produce products more efficiently and also of the higher quality. For that reason, it’s a mandatory event for decision-makers and production managers in all branches of manufacturing industry.

First of all, at the exhibition, you can have plenty of opportunities to get information about the latest developments, find ways to solve the last problems, establish contacts and effectively invest in the technology of the future. Besides that, you can gain some experience and knowledge in very important sectors of automatics application as assembly of complex solutions, robotics, machine vision and more.

Above all, this international specialized exhibition of automation and mechanization is the right place to discover future innovations and solutions. Mainly, the visitors of the exhibition are managers and customers, dispatchers and engineers, developers and designers.


1. Automatica 2020

So this year, the fair, which is held every two years, featured six exhibition halls that represented robotics, smart maintenance, machine vision and IT2 Industry. Each one covered different topics such as virtual reality, data and software, solutions for smart factory, etc. The exhibition was organized to bring creators and specialists in all branches of the industry together, to discover the latest developments related to the topics, that we highlighted earlier. As well as learn, how they can develop and evolve their production process and make it even more productive, efficient, less expensive and also to improve the quality.

As the result, the examples of vision-related products, Automatica 2020 represented smart cameras, 3D sensors, machine vision software, industrial cameras, autonomous mobile robots, and more.


Just like the last time, Automatica has prepared a separate pavilion for an important segment such as Professional Service Robotics, where service robots and components are used in medicine, agriculture, logistics and more. In addition, representatives of the scientific and industrial fields discussed current projects and developments through their presentations, including important topics such as human-robot interaction or concrete examples of applications in medicine and agriculture industries. As the result, the novelty of this year was the robot from Yaskawa, developed to maintain the necessary hygienic conditions in the laboratories.

The main reason of this event, is not only the world’s biggest offering of automation solutions, components and systems, but most importantly, the supporting purpose. For that, there was also organized a special program full of forums, shows, conferences and unbelievable demonstrations.


2. The areas of the Automatica 2020 were:

  • The industry of soft drinks, food and packaging materials
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical industries
  • Information and communication industries
  • Automotive and component suppliers
  • Rubber and plastic industries
  • Aviation and space industry
  • Paper and printing industry
  • Wood processing industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Building industry
  • Metal industry

3. Included Automatica themes were:

  • Investments in robotics and automation
  • Digital transformation in manufacturing
  • Cloud and big data applications
  • Human-robot collaboration
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Service robotics


Above all, the “Optimize your Production” theme of the supporting program offered varied topics and formats that represented trends and innovations, but also provided an outlook and opened very interesting discussions.

4. The Automatica supporting program offered:

Three forums:

  1. The Automatica Forum
  2. The IT2Industry Forum
  3. Investors Day

Three congresses:

  1. The Automotive Production Congress
  2. The International Symposium of Robotics
  3. OPC Day Europe

Two Industry 4.0 Demonstrators:

  1. Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture Demonstrators
  2. The Industrial Application 4.0 showcase

Two Industry 4.0 Highlights:

  1. Platform Economy—Success with digital business models
  2. People in the Smart Factory

Automatica Demo Park:

  • The Service Robotics Demo Park
  • The Smart Maintenance Pavilion

Workshop of Ideas:

  • Automatica Makeathon
  • Recrutainment
  • Start-up Arena

So finally, let’s compare the statistics of the years 2016 and 2018. In 2016, Automatica show gathered more than 43,000 visitors from 100 countries, as well as 833 exhibitors from 47 countries. Seems like Automatica has set new records this year: more than 46,000 visitors and 890 exhibitors. Certainly, these numbers show us the growth of the interest towards this big event. Therefore, that means that even more people and developers are interested in visiting the Automatica and would like to demonstrate their products to the world.

Overall, as Trade Fair Managing Director Falk Senger said, this means that, “Automatica addresses the future topics of human-robot collaboration, digital transformation in production, service robotics, and becoming increasingly important on a global level.”



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