Warning: The Game of Startups includes Game of Thrones spoilers if you didn`t watch it yet.

Game of Thrones is without doubt the biggest series on television and if you are not watching, then really what are you watching?

Get to work and come back once you fell in love with it…
Seriously, this epic saga covers action, suspense, power play, great characters, memorable lines and almost everything that a great TV series should have.
However, there is much more to Game of Thrones that goes beyond the entertainment that we see on HBO. The characters are the kind of people that we encounter in our everyday lives, especially in the world of startups.


Check out with which ones you build unicorn startups and with which ones you shouldn`t:


Jon Snow, the Overnight success


Jon Snow started up as an unassuming character, the bastard son whom no one gave a chance to the leader of the wildlings, the Night’s Watch and now the North with influence all across the seven kingdoms. And soon he rules the Iron Throne – mainly due to his courage, ambition and cleverness.
That`s the dream of every founder in the Game of Startups. Such founders are often the ones we don’t notice and spring up like a surprise from nowhere with their ground-breaking concept that changes how we see the world (Mark Zuckerberg anyone?).


No, honestly, there is no overnight success. Even Zuckerberg worked his arse off for years until he ascended the throne. But align your startup values to Jon’s and one day you might become the next Jon/Zuckerberg.


Theon Greyjoy, the Wantrepreneur (Wanna-be-Entrepreneur)


Quite the opposite of Jon: Theon Greyjoy.
This poor coward suffers a lot due to his missing assertiveness and changes sides whenever it fits. But the main characteristic that remains with him throughout the story is his insecurity.
He is the wantrepreneur who waits for the perfect conditions but never succeeds. And as a typical wannabe he can’t stop thinking about other people’s success and doesn`t follow his own path and passion.


In the Game of Startups he is the worst cofounder you can ever get. Get rid of him before it`s too late.


Tyrion Lannister, the Rockstar Advisor/Investor


You want to hate him but you just cannot help but love him. And this is the kind of personality that can change turn startups into a real business within a short period of time.
Tyrion Lannister is a master of words (He calmed a dragon for crying out loud) and has men who are 5 times bigger bowing to his commands. He can easily walk into a room full of high-end Angel investors and have them coughing money to get a startup well on the road to success.
Being such a great advisor in the Game of Startups – you can always count on him to tell every member of his team the truth where and when necessary. With his network of spies in different areas of the economy, a startup with him on board will always be one step ahead.


Daenerys Targaryen, the COO


Who ever thought Daenerys will rise from her obscure position as the wife of Drogo to the leader of the vicious Dothrakis? Well, absolutely no one but she did it, seizing power with the execution of the leaders of Dothrakis, in one fell swoop! She is ruthless when she has to be and that’s the kind of Chief Operating Officer a startup requires most. She does what needs to be done to grow the company.
Daenerys carefully kept her dragons safe even though she could have unleashed them earlier. She did it without holding back and the effect was disastrous later, to say the least. This is the tactics every startup should adopt. Keep your best weapon to yourself until the market is ready for it. If you put it out earlier or later than the gods expect you gonna get executed quickly in the Game of Startups.


Petyr Baelish, Partnership Manager


Every startup needs a great Partnership Manager and there is no other person that fits into this role better than Petyr Baelish. He has everything that we claim we hate but secretly wish that we have when it comes to the world of business.
He is ambitious, cunning, and resourceful. He can work the room when he needs to without fear of favour. He has such a charming smile that tells you “You can trust me”. So your investors and customers will be more than willing to give their money to this man.


Petyr knows someone somewhere that can help change the course of the event and this the one trait that will make startups unique.


Jaqen H’ghar, the Full Stack Developer


Nobody does mystery better than Jaqen H’ghar! He doesn’t like the spotlight but he knows how to get the job done. This is the kind of personality that a startup requires – someone who knows how to set up the business without looking forward to the praise that he will get for his efforts.


Startups tend toput up a glamorous front but there is always someone on the background who gets the job done. And that’s what a developer like Jaqen H’ghar can provide.


Drogon, the Killer Assistant


All startups need a killer team or program that will blast away their competitors and leave the customers in awe. In every Game of Startups you have a couple of dragons who care about the tough work and get it done in a matter of seconds. It is simple as that!


Daenerys’ dragon Drogon finally came off age as they razed down fire on soldiers at the battle by Bronn with ruthless abandon. If you are a startup, you definitely need such a killer team or product to smash the market into pieces.


While Jaqen provides the underground work, Tyrion can secure the funding that the company needs through the Marketing moves by Petyr Baelish. In the meantime, Jon Snow and Daenerys join forces to turn the small startup into a huge business empire. That`s the Game of Startups.


If you need some Rockstar dragons or background developers à la Jaqen send the Startup Creator a carrier pigeons and we help you win the Game of Startups.

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