Mobile App Benefits

With the stats showing numbers like 3.5 million apps in the Google Play Store and with more than 2.2 million in App Store, it seems like every business has a mobile app. Even your local department store might be getting one for a more trending shopping experience. The desire for even small or local businesses to build their own app is completely understandable. As it may give them ways to boost their business. And a solid number of users will help them in determining – how the app adds to the overall value of the business and how to value an app. Find out more about mobile app benefits.

Mobile app benefits – According to Techcrunch’s survey, it is seen that U.S consumers spend five hours a day on mobile devices. 92% of the time is spent using apps, with only 8% remaining devoted to web browsing. But there is another side to these stats also. According to Localytics, people use 23% of the apps only once and then uninstall them. Three months after installing an app 80% of the consumers no longer launch it at all. Developing a dedicated app for your business might make things easier and be effective for your business. But this task requires a significant amount of investment and resources both in terms of maintenance and updates.

So, how do you decide whether building a mobile app is correct for your business? Here are five questions to ask before you start developing your app:

Mobile App Benefits – Will an app help you develop a competitive edge?

First, you should understand if there is customer demand for mobile technology. Do its competitors have mobile abilities? Is there a greater market opportunity if they have the ability? They should understand the value it will bring to the organization. And then, decide based on the value if now it is the best time to invest in those resources or should they wait for the correct time.

Is there a specific pain point that will be solved because of an app?

A business should know the right time to make an investment is when it will help drive maximum value for the users. Mobile apps provide more value, like any other investment in an organization. Companies should use this technology only if there is a clear pain-point that they need to solve with it.

Mobile App Benefits

Mobile App Benefits – Clicking into a mobile-friendly online presence

Mobile app benefits – A mobile presence is crucial before listing your business. A lot of organizations do not have the knowledge or hesitate in investing in the mobile presence. But this is a huge mistake. And also, there is a second nature of users who explore and browse on their smart devices about everything before sitting on the laptop and clicking on to a Google Search Tab. By having a mobile presence of your business, you are surely going to reach a broader audience, if you customize your brand search with mobile in mind first.

Do you want to improve the SEO aspect of your business?

Mobile apps are no longer an optional investment. They are now a must-have in the list of resources. Having an app for an existing website provides a great benefit to a website’s SEO ranking. Google at present authenticates the relationship between sites and apps by mapping app pages to equivalent web pages. Apps also place your business one click away from the end-user versus search memorization.

Mobile app benefits – Choosing between Native or Responsive

If you do not have a native app, you may want to invest in one. As these apps are easy to install on the app store. However, it can be costly to develop for multiple operating systems. A more cost-effective way to put this forward is by developing a responsive website. It will automatically concentrate the content to fit the screen.

Mobile app benefits – If you are a business owner who has answers to all these or any of these yes, then it may be a good time for you to make an investment to build a dedicated mobile app for your business. But simply building an app is not enough. Focus on delivering tangible benefits to your customers. And the hard work you put into building your app will pay off with the time.

But for a non-technical founder, it is going to be a challenge to identify the right partner to build a product. Most of the non-technical founders make the mistake of spending too little on the product. And setting aside a bigger amount for marketing their product and branding their business. So, always remember to invest that extra bit into developing a product that can delight your customers. A great product that solves the needs of your customers will help you in reducing your marketing costs. 

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