New Mobile App features 2019

This article is going to be about improvement and innovation. There was a time when mobile phones used to come with just a black & white display and a keypad. The maximum you could do on that phone was conversing with people. Then came a time when mobile phones started coming up with timers, games, internet, and music. All these developments of mobile phones were gradual. But the year 2008 came with a disruption called the App store by Apple with just over 500 apps.

New Mobile App features 2019 – Now App Store alone has over 2 million apps and its biggest rival Google’s Play Store has even more apps. Can you believe all this happened in just 10 years? This has occurred because new apps with latest features enter into the market every day. Mobile App Development has become an industry of billions. Traditionally successful businesses are developing their apps to become more close to their customers. Whereas apps are sole earning platforms for some new businesses.

Since apps are the new shops/showrooms/service providers, the businesses are improving them every day so that people download their apps. Amidst all this competition, if you also have a start-up idea or planning to expand your enterprise and want to execute it through an app, then you should know the latest mobile app features of 2019.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

These are the two most cliché terms of modern business technology but believe me, we just can’t get over the fact that AI and ML will change the future of machines. And these technologies are already touching lives through mobile apps. Companies introduced AI in mobile phones with virtual assistants like Siri and Google assistant. Now, other mobile apps are using it to boost their businesses. Artificial intelligence is nothing but the recognition of a pattern in the behavior of a user through ML. Companies use AI majorly for speech recognition, buyer recommendations, and chatbots, which shows that this technology will rule mobile apps in 2019. Retail and e-commerce are two most aggressive industries, which implement AI in their systems with features like smart stores, no-billing counters and auto-product description on e-commerce websites, etc.

New Mobile App features 2019 – Blockchain

Blockchain can improve the lives of so many developers and users. Basically, this technology acts as a transparent public ledger secured with hash encryption. Like a notebook which is accessible to the whole network in which no one can delete/modify the previous notes. If so peers will notice that.

This technology can leave “apps” in the past. The future will be “dApps”, which means decentralized apps. Do you have an amazing idea but no funds for it? Develop apps in the form of smart contracts on Ethereum. And if your idea will be actually revolutionary, then develop it on the crowdfunding (funding from the peer network). Ethereum can provide you a development platform with your network of peers in an exchange for cryptocurrency. Read more about Ethereum here.

That was about development, but how will it affect mobile app users? Blockchain can simplify logistics, payments, documentation, etc. Apps are using blockchain to enhance data security in transactions. Due to that, the data is on multiple systems at the same time. Businesses are already using blockchains to secure customer data and monetary transactions in mobile apps and will find new prospects for blockchains in the upcoming years.

Internet of Things

Imagine your air conditioner has a smart thermostat and you can connect it to the internet and control from anywhere in the house. Or even from outside the house through a mobile application. Though, this is a very small example of IoT features in mobile apps, which companies implement in 2019. IoT is the future of the physical world. The sensors, big data, and the internet will make communication between all the things possible. Well, mobile apps started using IoT with features like remote controls of TV, AC, lights, etc. And now, in 2019, even for real-time weather monitoring for crop management in agriculture.  IoT has a very bright future in mobile apps.

New Mobile App features 2019 – AR/VR

The mobile apps are moving beyond screens today. People can create images in an augmented reality or virtual reality format for games, videos, and movies, etc. Obviously, they are becoming an integral part of mobile apps. Basically, this technology enables you to experience anything on the screen in its enhanced form such that it creates a feeling that it’s a part of your physical world. Pokemon GO is a recent example of such game where the reality is combined with a game. The players had to go from one place to another to collect Pokémons.

Not just games and movies. AR/VR apps can help you in sketching with apps like SketchAR. Or they can help the clothing stores with virtual try rooms or create virtual tattoos using Ink Hunter. But these interactive apps are still in their growing stage. The year 2019 is coming up with improved AR/VR response systems and integrations to maximize your experience. Hence, we can say that this technology is bringing new features in mobile apps every single day.

Integration with Wearables

We have been already introduced to the smartwatches and fitness trackers which work in partnership with your smartphone. Expect some more surprises in 2019. The future of wearable technology is smart clothes. And if it’s smart, there should be an app for that. Firstly, from Levi’s Commuter (a smart denim jacket) which can screen your phone calls through an app. And finally, to Snapchat’s smart glasses, which can click photos and record videos and transfer them on your mobile phone. The combination of Wearables and mobile apps is killing it in 2019. Apart from your fitness wrist-bands, the smart fitness clothing industry is opening new doors for mobile app development. There are fitness socks, yoga pants, clothes, and shoes, etc. which will connect with a mobile app and help you in keeping a track of your health.

New Mobile App features 2019Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

With the official release of WordPress Plugin in December 2018, AMP is all set to make a contribution in the mobile app development in 2019. It was a project started by Google to improve the pace of search results. HTML copies of the already existing content on a webpage, which load faster as compared to HTML5 docs. These copies are AMPs. Was it too technical? Let us explain. Basically, AMP is caching that offers improved speed. And the speed of loading is directly proportional to the convenience offered to the user. It also helps in Search Engine Optimization. Baigu, Sogou, Yahoo Japan, Times of India and Slate are already using AMP results to improve their organic search results. AMP has huge scope in mobile apps, as the whole world is moving from desks to palms in search of information.

New Mobile App features  – Storage

Storage of a mobile app data on the cloud is not a new thing. But due to the increasing features and graphics of the mobile apps, it has become more important. Cause you can sort the data on the cloud and not in the limited phone memories. Storing the data on the cloud is safe, convenient and accessible. Mobile apps are integrated with cloud storage companies to help users by taking all the app work on cloud memory. This will help mobile app businesses also to accumulate more data. Hence, better analytics. The best examples for this are Microsoft office tools. Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint apps let you store your data on One Drive, a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft itself. Similarly, other services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. also help in the cloud storage of many other mobile apps.

Enhanced App Security

The security risks associated with important data on mobile phones have also increased together with the usage of mobile apps. The apps are now coming with enhanced security systems to save you from getting hacked or data-robbed. Companies integrated the apps with face recognition, fingerprint sensors, retina scanners and voice recognition, etc. Combined with AI, mobile apps learn over time and gauge the behavior of a regular user of the app. And stop responding to in case of a new user. The classic example of increasing app security is Snapchat’s feature, where they notify the user if someone takes a screenshot of any pic and uploads it. In 2019, companies will introduce more features to assure you, that your data, payments, and privacy are protected.

 Integration with businesses

Mobile apps in 2019 are exploring new ways to enter B2B businesses. From on-mobile CRM to any time available LMS systems, you can just name it and have it as a mobile app. Mobile app development companies are trying to help other businesses by making their process more efficient. They make apps, which act as mini versions of full-fledged business software. For example, Zoho CRM is available on the mobile phone also so that the user can keep a real-time track of the sales. Other software companies are also trying to find their way into smartphones. They also make customized apps for businesses with the latest features.

New Mobile App features 2019New Mobile App features 2019 – Google Play Instant

It’s not a new thing which is introduced in 2019 but the number of apps joining Google Play Instant raised multiple times this year. Are you confused what Instant Apps are? How many times it has happened to you that you find a particular game interesting at first sight but after downloading, it turned out completely awful? Instant apps will let you try an app or play a game without actually downloading it. It helps in increasing engagement with potential users. Apps like One football, Candy Crush Saga and Vimeo, etc. are already on the instant platform. The instant apps have already shown the results with increased attraction and downloads.


2019 is the year of opportunities for mobile app developers. The field of exploration has never been so big. Developers are trying permutations and combinations of all the features we mentioned every day, to shape their ideas in the most amazing way. Today we cannot compare the level of personalization and convenience that mobile apps provide with any other mode of digital transaction.

New Mobile App features 2019 – It will not be surprising if these smartphones and tablets will replace all other computers in the future. Mobile apps have come a long way in a very small amount of time and this fast-track evolution is not stopping anywhere. AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud computing, IoT, any buzz word you read in the business magazines or online articles some companies already implement somewhere in the form of integration with mobile apps.

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