Mobile App Roadmap

According to Market Research, only 40% of the developed products make it to the market and out of that 40%, only 60% generate any revenue. So, if you are planning to develop a product, start by creating its roadmap!

Mobile App Roadmap – But before initiating, keep in mind two things:

  1. Your organization must have a vision of the product. A big picture of what you want to accomplish in the market.
  2. Your team should have a high-level strategy to make the product vision a reality. This strategy must include the major components of the product strategy and the desired goal.

First of all, before discussing in detail the steps to develop a successful product roadmap, we need to discuss, What roadmap is and what its primary roles are?”

A roadmap is a top-end visual synopsis that defines the path, vision, and direction of your product over time. A product roadmap explains all the why, what, when, and how, behind the development of the product. In short, it is a guiding strategy, that is documented for the execution of the plan.

Product roadmap’s ultimate goals:

  • Describing the vision and strategies
  • Providing Guiding Document for executing the strategy
  • Get internal stakeholders in alignment
  • Opening up the topics of discussion and scenario planning
  • Communicate with external stakeholders and customers

Documenting the product vision and strategy can make it easier to secure execution. And also ensure that everyone is working towards a common goal.

Mobile App Roadmap

In this article, we will discuss four steps to consider when creating a product roadmap.

Ensure that you are using the right roadmap tool

Mobile App Roadmap – Before initiating your roadmap, ensure about the tool that you’ll be using. This is a crucial choice to make. Because if you choose the wrong tool to build your roadmap, you will be struck with the application throughout the development phase. Further, this will lead to untold hours of extra efforts and work.

Mostly a roadmap is mistaken as a document and is considered that cannot be changed. But the truth is a roadmap is an outgoing process than a static one. As your product priority will change, your customers will change. And your budget will change. You should reflect these changes in your roadmap. Back to the tool. Above all, you should always consider a tool that takes into account the need for simple drag. And drop features that can be built online at a single URL. For easy sharing and can create aesthetic presentations with stakeholders, development teams, and other prime groups in mind.

Mobile App Roadmap should be clear and compelling

You should create a roadmap in a way that if someone read the entire thing, they would understand that the product strategy will be a needle-mover for the organization. A top-notch visual presentation will be a powerful way to represent your strategy. In fact, professional teams care so much about building the right impression that they spend hours creating a roadmap, that is aesthetically pleasing. This is the reason why to choose a correct tool, that will help you design visually compelling product strategy, is important.

Every component in a mobile app roadmap has a strategic justification

Mobile App Roadmap does not include a feature list of the product. In fact, it provides a clear and persuasive case for building the product the way you want to develop it. It has always proven to be a smart strategy to include the strategic reasoning behind each of the themes, components, and other initiatives. That you have chosen to be included on the roadmap. If anyone looks at your roadmap, they should have a clear picture of the reasons behind the selected component in the strategy.

Example: Research states that 84% of the customers use the mobile app for work, explaining the reason behind the mobile version of your product.

Reviewing and Updating the mobile app roadmap

Suppose, you opt for a dedicated roadmap application rather than a static document tool for your roadmap. This will prove to be very useful for a quick and easy update of your roadmap. Adding new feature, switching tasks between teams, or making major shifts, all should be done simply by dragging and dropping from the tool.

Mobile App Roadmap

In the same way, checking the status of an item or allocating a task all can be possible with simple clicks. With a dedicated roadmap tool, you will have no excuse to update the roadmap as often as necessary. This will be one of the critical steps for your product development. When you will regularly update your roadmap. Besides that, you will know that your team has an accurate picture of where the product stands, what the team should be working on, and which are the changing priorities.

Mobile App Roadmap – Bottomline

On the other hand, a roadmap will be a gauge as to “why” you need to build a product in a specific way. Understanding and quick insights from the roadmap will help you in tackling and managing sudden pitfalls that trap your product development phase.

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