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Some mobile apps are useful, engaging, and fun to use. But most of them are frustrating, dull, and nearly useless. What makes the good ones different? What features, design aspects, and ecosystems separate them from the rest of the apps in the market? Certainly, a valuable mobile app has features that enhance the functionality of the app and presents an improved customer experience. Based on why your company actually needs an app, here are some of the trending mobile app features that can help create a Useful and Successful mobile application for your business.

New Mobile App Features – Push Notification

New Mobile App Features – Push Notification is a message that pops up on mobile devices. App publishers can send them anytime. Users do not have to log in to the app to receive these notifications. Push Notifications provide a lot of convenience and value to the business as it helps in:

  1. Promoting Products
  2. Sending offers
  3. Improving customer experience
  4. Sending transactional receipts
  5. Driving users to other marketing channels

Push notifications are a direct way to communicate with users. App publishers can treat it with the ability to communicate with users as a privilege.

New Mobile App Features – Social Media Integration

New Mobile App Features – Social Media Integration enhances app functionality by allowing users to log in with their social media account. It can help in adding favorites, create a wish-list, and marking likes to add more credibility to products. In advance, enterprises can include in-app sharing by integrating social feeds directly into the app.

New Mobile App FeaturesBy integrating social media in app development, businesses can increase the chances of the target market coming across your app’s download link in their social media feed. Once the user downloads the app, their friends can see who like the business and the purchases made by them. Overall, this can act as the much-needed push that encourages to hit on the “add to cart” button, increasing the overall sales.

New Mobile App Features – Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality helps superimpose digital effects like sound, video, and text on to the user’s view. Due to that, large tech companies like Apple are leveraging AR to make their products more accessible. In most of the AR functionality, the user sees both the Artificial and reality through a layering effect. The real world acts like the first layer. Then the camera recognizes the target, processes the image, and then augments the digital assets onto the image.

How AR is beneficial 

New Mobile App Features – Augment reality is revolutionizing the way the consumer interacts with the mobile app. Product based brands can show off their merchandise with AR powered 360 views and interactive experiences. Some benefits of AR:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Improved Customer engagement
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Increased Sales

Payment Gateway Integration

New Mobile App Features – The integration of payment gateways in the mobile app is now present in the majority of mobile applications. The feature induces faster payment processing, fewer clicks, and intelligent retry feature. Besides that, it helps in improving the transaction success rate and reducing cart abandonment. Thus, delivering a beautiful and seamless payment experience. Accepting payments is an important feature for a product-trading website. It is highly beneficial as it increases sales.

Faster loading time  

This might not be a feature but must include an app’s functionality. As a user, you might have had noticed that some apps take forever to load. And sometimes they might just crash. Well, users mostly void using such apps. So, do not let this happen with your app too.

New Mobile App FeaturesSuccessful apps usually take less than 5 seconds to load. However, complex apps like Facebook takes a bit longer to load. Mainly, because these apps require a large amount of data to start up. Anyways, Facebook users usually stick around as the app allow them to see the ongoing activity. If your app also has a complex functionality, you can leverage a loading screen feature to inform your users that the loading process is on.

Click to Call

Click to call also called as click to dial, is a feature that allows you to contact with the customer representative of the organization while they are still using the app. Firstly, Google has revealed that adding a click-to-call button can lead to a 200% increase in call-to-conversion rates. In addition, is helping increase sales and also improves customer satisfaction, and reduces negative impression.

According to Quick Sprout, “Of 3,000 mobile users, 47% said they were more likely to explore a company’s competitors if there wasn’t a way to directly call the company. And 27% reported they are less trusting of a company when there isn’t a way to connect by phone.”


Implementing Analytics is another great feature that can be used to understand the user’s behavior by measuring their activity. Finally, this will allow App developers to know which of their products or services are the most famous, and what they need to improve. Analytics will show every aspect of your mobile application clearly stating which features are lagging, and which ones are the most popular.

The mobile app industry is a competitive marketplace. But to get the success you will have to stand out of the crowd. The mobile industry is exploding, and the possibilities of mobile apps are growing as well. But if you want your mobile app to be successful, you need to figure out how to break through that competition.

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Plan your mobile app so that it includes as many of the above features as possible. This can be your formula for success, and your ladder to a great mobile app that truly skyrockets your business.

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