App Ideas 2019

New mobile app ideas 2019 – The top 7 list

Smartphones have made our lives so easy in terms of purchasing, finding details, locating a place, contacting, ordering food, selecting deals, and so much more. As the stats show, mobile sales have been increased by 58% compared with the previous year. But, before you head towards the app development chaos, the very first step is to figure out the idea for a successful mobile application. In our blog post, we have listed some of the brilliant mobile app ideas that you can choose to be your next big business idea.

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App Highlights 2018

Apps 2018 – List of the most successful

Apps 2018 – Now that we are in 2019 and the mobile app development is still pacing faster than ever, we need to take a look at the most successful mobile apps that have changed the game in 2018. Mobile apps are one of the main reasons why people are using smartphones these days. The mobile app industry is experiencing a positive revolution with hundreds of new applications every day. But there are some apps that have already made their space in every smartphone across the world.

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App quality assurance

App quality assurance in the mobile industry

The time our society spends on mobile devices continues to surge by consuming 61% to 91% of digital minutes via mobile devices. The numbers are still soaring and are expected to reach 188.9 billion US dollars by the year 2020. Developing quality ready apps requires a lot of processes. The processes make sure that you deliver a smooth and excellent user experience. One of the main processes among them is Quality Assurance.

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Business app marketing

Business app marketing – Your perfect guide

Your business is all ready to get a self-start. You are very happy about your mobile app that, has been developed and just launched to the market. Now you log in to your App Analytics and wait to track millions of downloads and the money that will flood in with it. Right? But nothing happens! Then you again click on refresh and see no data! Why is this happening? After all, you have all the widget right, and your app looks fantastic. Plus, you have given so many efforts, capital, and time to it. So, why is your Analytics empty?

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App customers attraction

App customers attraction for your business

If even you have put a lot of effort to develop an awesome app, your business might still fall if nobody is aware of it. So, what do you do to stand out of the crowd among the millions of apps? The worst scenario can be when the smartphone users do not download any app in a month, or maybe download a maximum of two apps every month. When it comes to mobile user acquisition, there are several ways, that can help you. In this blog post, we are going to cover some of the most popular acquisition approaches that can help you in attracting your target market.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation – Transform your Business

80% of the customers use a mobile phone inside a physical store to look for product reviews, compare prices, or look for an alternative store. An estimated 10 billion mobile connected devices are currently in use. In 2012, people spent more than $25 billion on purchases made from phones and tablets. The purchase has gone up to $500+ billion from transactions made over smartphones and tablets, in 2018 in the U.S alone. Read More

App Development Considerations

App Development Considerations – Top 5 Advices For Your Company App

Brand reputation and customer experience play an important role in the development of modern day enterprises. They offer enormous value to real-time data that companies can process and further use for better functionality of their apps. Hence, the development companies, who are into building new apps, need to adopt an innovative approach for enterprise application development.

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Mobile App Benefits

Mobile App Benefits – Should Your Business Invest In A Mobile App?

With the stats showing numbers like 3.5 million apps in the Google Play Store and with more than 2.2 million in App Store, it seems like every business has a mobile app. Even your local department store might be getting one for a more trending shopping experience. The desire for even small or local businesses to build their own app is completely understandable. As it may give them ways to boost their business. And a solid number of users will help them in determining – how the app adds to the overall value of the business and how to value an app. Find out more about mobile app benefits.

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