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Artificial Intelligence in Beauty Industry

Artificial Intelligence in the Beauty Industry is the next revolution that all women around the world would be very excited about. AI can not miss the industry that is worth now 445$ billion. Great number, right? From cosmetic stores, beauty corners to supermarkets, beauty products are everywhere.

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The Huge Potential of AI’s Emotion Detection

Emotion detection – Understanding and predicting human emotions has never been easy. We often cannot explain our emotions and why we feel what we feel. This is where AI comes into play. AI can provide new insights into this topic and be a viable method to automatically and accurately detect human emotions.


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Artificial Intelligence in the Food Industry

The Artificial Intelligence usage was very limited before, but now it’s slowly becoming a part of our daily life. In the last few years, it was implemented into the multiple sectors including media, education, transportation, healthcare, gaming, finance, marketing, and now food.

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Startups benefit AI

4 great ways how Startups benefit from AI

Artificial Intelligence has enormous potential for the business world! Many entrepreneurs are not aware of  the magnitude this technical revolution has to offer and miss out on a huge chance to boost their startup. But how? Startup Creator got your back and identified the biggest AI opportunities for your startup.

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