Start business zero budget
Having difficulties getting your business started? You think you don’t have the capital and the tools? In theory, starting a business is like building an Ikea shelf together while going through the operation manual and using the tools provided. But if you neither have the operational manual nor the tools you will never get started!

The same will happen to you building up your startup. You might know the process but you don’t have the perfect tools and an operational manual to go through step by step. Let me show you which tools will help you to reach your dream without any budget!

Create your own Website


Even the best product needs a proper platform to be presented on. Multiple options can be chosen, depending on the complexity of your idea. Starting from a small landing page via WordPress, up to complex solutions which need more expertise in development. WordPress has the advantage, that even with barely no experience in development, WordPress has a high usability and makes it easy for beginners to. The best thing about WordPress, it’s for free! If you have any questions to WordPress or need consulting on more complex solutions, feel free to contact us and we are more than happy to help you get started.


Spread the word of your business with zero budget


After getting your website started, you want to start creating content to make people aware of your business. In our modern connected society, social media is the cheapest way to reach as many people as possible. Buffer helps to manage all your social media in one place.
Social media marketing can be extremely time consuming. You constantly have to log in on a regular basis to create post content. It’s easy to forget, and when you do post, it distracts you from whatever you were working on. If you want to be more efficient with your marketing, Buffer is a service that can save you a lot of time. We’d recommend you to create a plan, batch your work by finishing all the required content in a couple of days and schedule your posts on multiple channels. Buffer will take care of posting the information as per schedule and you can focus on other important tasks.


Don’t waste too much time on your E-mails


Since the traffic created by social media might not be able to generate enough leads to achieve your sales targets, cold e-mails and calls will probably come to your mind. MailChimp allows you to easily automate all your e-mail actions by creating e-mail campaigns, which heavily increase your productivity. This allows you to manage your calls based on the replies on your mailings. Convert cold e-mails to warm calls! The free version is available for all entrepreneurs with less than 2000 followers and allows you to send 12.000 e-mails per month!

Keep track of your sales projects


Since you will create more and more leads, you will need a tool to keep track of all your sales projects. A CRM-system might be avoidable at the beginning, but sooner or later you will be confronted with it. The clue is to find the correct tool that can be adapted to you and not the other way around. HubSpot offers therefore an easy manageable CRM-system. Easy adaptable and understandable, this tool allows you to monitor your sales projects and keep track of all sales activities. Easy integrations to your e-mail and social media accounts let you track all requests with one tool. Another advantage of HubSpot is the easy validation and collection of e-mail addresses while surfing through websites of potential leads. This data will help to improve your e-mail lists.


Use outsourcing to save time & costs


The ultimate tool for all entrepreneurs with small budget is Fiverr. This freelancer website provides all services you need to get your business started. And the most exciting thing about it: The basic price of most of the services just costs you 5$! So, if you need an e-mail list for your e-mail automation, just reach out to freelancers on Fiverr and receive up to 100.000 e-mail addresses for just 5$. Need a marketing presentation to show your followers easily what your business is doing? Once again: Fiverr. Find your needed solution out of a platform with more than 3.000.000 different services.


Use AppSumo to find the best deals!

Don’t forget AppSumo! This great website provides you offers which include discounts of up to 90% for the most useful digital services. Ever needed stock photos, but got shocked by the horrendous price? AppSumo offers 100 photos on Depositphotos for 39$ instead of 500$. Now that is a discount entrepreneurs love.
Don`t let missing budget be an excuse for not starting your dream. Get things going with these awesome tools!
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