Startup Creator had a successful run with Niflosa by helping to develop the idea into a successful social network for parents and teachers.



Name of the Startup: Niflosa

Founder: Sabine Hagen


It’s not always strictly business here at Startup Creator – we also enjoy getting to know the startups we work with on a personal level. When Sabine Hagen contacted us last September, we were impressed by her dedicated attitude towards building a social network for educators and parents. Based in Munich, Germany, Niflosa has developed a digital platform that allows parents and teachers to communicate in a convenient and user-friendly way. We reached out to Sabine to let her share with our readers the vision of Niflosa, the acceleration experience with Startup Creator and her plans for the future.


Niflosa Was An Idea That Sparked a Product


With the inroads of technology into education, it is but logical that teachers use technology to encourage a meaningful relationship with parents and improve the experience for all concerned. The concept behind Niflosa is to be a social network that lets kindergartens to post announcements and information (such as events, photos, and documents), allowing an effective communication between educators and parents, and solving the most challenging part of their job.



Sabine says that the first flash of light for the original idea of Niflosa came during her Executive MBA in 2015 when she developed the initial idea – a communication and evaluation portal for daycare facilities – together with fellow students. For her master’s thesis, she wrote the first business plan for Niflosa and participated in all three rounds of BayStartUp Businessplan Competition.


However, not every tech startup founder is a developer. And they don’t necessarily have to be. Whether a founder has a technical background or not, we believe that the key is to turn the great idea into a successful product. Just like many non-tech solo founders, Sabine found it challenging to reach to the product/market fit and make something that can get traction. Sabine reached out to Startup Creator where we help entrepreneurs in implementing their tech concepts.


Startup Creator Gave Niflosa a Profitable Boost


Discussing Niflosa’s journey with Startup Creator, the step-by-step process combined many stages from the project management to the design and development. The approach towards the project management at Niflosa was one geared to generate outstanding results at minimal costs and time expenditure. The project objectives were clearly defined with Sabine until we reached to a good understanding of the real-world implications of Niflosa.




For the development approach in Niflosa, a considerable amount of time was spent on the research and development to bring on board the necessary technical skills. First and foremost, developers’ team supported Niflosa with the design, which was based on Niflosa’s vision of showcasing parents and teachers posts as a newsfeed, with the important posts marked red and normal in green.

Also, time was spent to find an accurate representation of announcements and events. For example, the mobile application allows the Kindergarten school (Kita) to register on the system. Other features include the configurable admin panel for the email templates, modifiable page content, and the CSM feature that makes it easy for Niflosa to update the website content by its own, without any technical knowledge required.




Niflosa’s Planning for a Bright Future


According to Sabine, the services, support, and advice she gained from working with Startup Creator have allowed Niflosa to realize the full potential of the product. 



“The communication with the Indian developers’ team was smooth, as we communicated through Slack that made the exchange of information faster and effective. Also, the advice I gained from Startup Creator has been incredibly useful. Their expertise has undoubtedly helped me to pursue Niflosa’s business model and remarks how receptive the market has proven to be.”

The relationship between Startup Creator and Niflosa didn’t end with the successful launch, as Sabine is still in contact with us. On the one hand, because she wants to develop the website further with our developers, and on the other hand, Startup Creator consults her with business questions and general support. For example, at the beginning of October Startup Creator team supported Niflosa at Nürnberger Startup Demo Night.




One piece of advice Sabine would give to startup founders is not to get lost in details, and develop a product that also works as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). She adds: “In this context, it is important to tell as many people as possible about your idea.”

Here at Startup Creator, we are proud to have helped Niflosa to successfully launch on the market. Hearing about Sabine’s personal experience really puts the importance of what we can achieve together into perspective.


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