You’ve got your business plan mapped out but the missing tech cofounder is blocking your enthusiasm to get things started? You’ve tried to gain knowledge on development but the small learning steps are frustrating you and let you question your decisions. Don’t let a missing tech cofounder endanger your endeavor!

You’re not supposed to be expert in all parts of building your business but you should know your options and have the courage to get help from others.
We’ll discuss the different options in the following to take away the fear of the technical knowhow and make you fulfill your startup dream without being a tech cofounder. The only thing you’ll have to do is evaluate which option suits you best and boost your startup off the ground.

Option 1: Find a CTO


The most obvious and probably most difficult option is finding a suitable CTO. Suitable in terms of finding the best fit which matches you and your vision, in your needed skillset and on a personal level. Keep in mind, a CTO will be your business partner for a considerable amount of time during your endeavor. So, you are not just looking for a business professional but more of a partner in crime.
If you can’t find a CTO in your existing network, you might want to consider searching on platforms such as CofoundersLab, Founder2be or the German counterpart Founderio. These platforms connect entrepreneurs with each other and with a little bit of luck you could find your CTO. Startup Meetups and exhibitions are also good platforms to increase your network and build up important relationships with people having a deeper technical background. Finding the perfect CTO and keeping the technical part inhouse seems to be the best solution, but unless you’re a lucky fellow it could eventually take a very long time and what will you do in the meantime?


Option 2: Outsource


The fastest, cheapest but probably riskiest option is to outsource directly. Outsourcing allows you as a non-techie to launch your startup at minimal costs. Key to a successful outsourcing experience is the evaluation of a suitable outsourcer, which takes a considerable amount of time. Nothing is more unnecessary and frustrating than investing your budget in a scammer which doesn’t provide you the solution you asked for or doesn’t hand you over the development code. With a good evaluation outsourcing will be beneficial to get a complete solution ready. But as a non-techie you don’t just want a platform, you also need someone who can maintain your platform und do all the small improvements. This is where a development partner can step in place.


Option 3: Get a development partner instead of a tech cofounder


In general, a development partner can be seen as a software agency which provides its service as a long-term partnership that replaces the effort of finding a tech cofounder and takes care of your App and Web solution. “Costs” might be one of the first words popping into your mind after reading the word “software agency”. Pricing is an issue in this case if you request support from local software agencies which have local developers. But doesn’t a combination of an outsourcer and CTO sound as something interesting? Combining the benefits of a local development partner with an outsourced team, which enables high quality to low costs and reducing the risks of outsourcing dramatically. This service, as provided by the Startup Creator, makes it not only attractive for larger enterprises to hire sales agencies, but also for small startups and businesses.

Start small, scale up and get big


Already discussed in a previous blog post, a good solution for non-techies is to test the most suitable option by starting your business with a MVP to do a proof of concept. This first of all allows you to test your business model to potential customers and investors and furthermore lets you test your chosen development option with a low-cost solution which reduces your risk of failure on the technical part. If successful, an upscale to a more complex solution can be done with the MVP as a basis.
Interested in a deeper discussion on the options above and which option suits you best?
Step in contact with us and we will gladly advice and share our story.


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