The end of the year is always a moment for reflection. But it is also a perfect time to look into a new year and get your business ready to enter 2018 with a bang! ?

Artificial Intelligence startups along with startups in chatbots, cybersecurity, and VR were already trending this year. But what are the top startup trends we should anticipate for 2018?


1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) continue to be at the top of the hype cycle


2017 has truly been the year the startup world embraced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). But it’s nothing compared to what’s store in 2018. From a transformation of customer service to the rise of business-focused voice assistants, enterprise AI is set to take startups by storm. 

Some of the biggest industry opportunities are in customer support apps where you need to make access to information quicker and easier, either for the customer or for the service and sales teams speaking to them. These applications are a long way removed from robots and chatbots and will move AI closer to its goal of automating data and knowledge retrieval. 


Startups have begun to see the advantages of AI especially when it comes to reducing running costs, saving time, and increasing efficiency. Companies like Riminder, for instance, help HR departments use internal and external data to find ideal job candidates. InsideSales offers a predictive scoring and analytics sales platform.

It’s safe to predict that 2018 will see a lot of startups utilizing the AI/ML technologies to create revolutionary solutions that are going to solve the real and complex business issues.


2.  New flavors of reality experience


Mixed Reality (MR) which encompasses and extends both AI and VR will become the experience of choice for majority of businesses in 2018. The trend is being fueled by investments in platforms, devices, and software ecosystem. The ultimate goal of these investments is to replace keyboards and flat displays with entirely new paradigm of communication and collaboration.

For startups, MR devices can vastly increase people’s knowledge of the world around them by overlaying information in the context of the real world. It can also enhance collaboration by enabling remote teams to see exactly what someone is working on in real time.

If successful, 2018 will represent the biggest fundamental shift in user engagement we have seen in the modern technological era.



3. Chatbots are trending but the Conversational Intelligence (CI) will develop further


Messaging platforms are coming of the age and chatbots are all the new trend now. They are touted as the next version of apps, like a huge change in the communication industry.

Many startups have already started using chatbots to their advantage and it’s safe to say that chatbots will become an integrated part of every startup in upcoming years.

However, so much of the current interaction with chatbots is through text-only. Only recently big corps like Amazon and Google started pushing towards Voice Interfaces in the Smart Speakers Market. We also saw many voice bot builders like PullString or Storyline coming to the market to help companies build easily voice-based chatbot.

2018 will challenge this further and will be the beginning of emerging chatbots that would behave more like people in order for people to know how to behave towards them.  We might see some early success from a few voice bots. Although there are many challenges on the table developers should solve to take Voice UI to the mainstream.



4. The future is Intelligent Apps


Building the future today means adding intelligence to your apps. In the modern world, that means taking advantage of the cloud and the huge power it can provide.

The future is a collision between big data and app development that will yield a world of intelligent apps. These intelligent apps combine customer, product and operational insights with modern app development tools and user-centric design.

Let’s be honest, it only makes logical sense for tech startup to integrate analytics with app development to create intelligent apps that, not only deliver a more compelling user experience, but also learn from the user engagement to become more relevant and important for users.

Upcoming year will see many startups implementing that strategy to drive action from the data, and use intelligent apps delivered as a service.


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To succeed in today’s – and 2018’s – competitive market, your business must be able to keep up with new trends. While these four only offer a small glimpse of what to expect in 2018, they should give a pretty good overview of how exciting the market will be. Are you ready for these new trends? ?


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