Media attention shifted in 2016. While Virtual Reality (VR) was commonly related to Gaming, it`s establishing now a second driver in VR startup development: Utility apps.

The opportunities in this field are good and bad news for the corporate world. Even small companies can create nowadays VR material to convince customers. Some of them will take the world by storm while traditional players might be left out if they don`t react quickly.
Here the industries with most potential of getting transformed:




The rumors became reality. Amazon is building up a huge task force these days to jump into the VR shopping space.
Meanwhile, eBay is extending heavily its virtual reality store. More and more products can be viewed and bought now in VR malls.

The users obviously report that they would never go back to usual e-Shopping once they tried it out.
Time to wake up! These statements affect not only the big e-Commerce players. Shopping personalisation has been taken to a whole new level.




In tourism, travelers are soon going to choose their destinations based on VR journeys. The feeling of being already there helps them to select their dream location – be it the country, the city, the hotel or even the restaurant.
HORECA, municipalities and governments cannot rely anymore only on traditional marketing channels. The virtual experience becomes a must. 360° views like this one are already standard in the industry.


And as 360° cameras become more and more affordable, the sector will also rely on user-generated content. Can you imagine building your own VR app from your last holiday trip? Just do it with the VR Creator and have your VR souvenir ready.




Fly to the moon just to view an apartment? No way!
Countless house visits are not necessary anymore to buy a property as places of residence can be viewed now virtually. The property might not even be built and you can walk through it. Smartvizx, for example, set up virtual apartments and customers could decide which kind of interior design they prefer.



With VR the human body could get visualized like since before. That`s why Surgery simulations are already in use to train surgeon.
Stanford University, for one, uses a simulator which even includes haptic feedback for the students doing the training.
But on top of that live surgery gets revolutionized. Specialists can operate now remotely using VR. Since they are able to perform surgeries from anywhere in the world countless lives can be saved.
For this reason HTC and United Nations announced today that they are starting a $10 million program called VR for Impact. It`s dedicated to showing how VR can lead to positive impact. And “Operate from anywhere” is one of the key elements of the program.




Last but not least: VR Games. Dreams are finally becoming reality for gamers. Just imagine playing GTA 6 in Virtual Reality. Say no more!

It was a long walk to get here. But in 2017 more VR games than ever are under development and the hype won`t cease. New platforms, new games and new startups are popping up around every corner.

Mass market got ultimately reached. And the other industries are just on the rise!


To put it in a nutshell:

Consumers who once experienced VR are more likely to buy from this brand. And their rivals are going to be considered as old-fashioned pretty soon.

Opportunities for startups are huge and it`s up to you to not to get left behind. Become a pioneer in this field and get your own VR projects done…Now!

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