Everything starts with an idea.

Every startup is born through an idea. Oftentimes this idea forms the solution to a problem that you identified. There might be a problem that you are constantly thinking about and all of a sudden it hits you: you got the solution right in front of your eyes and you ask yourself how to take this further. Could it be a real business? How can you tell if your idea is good enough?

Let us give you some guidance in this very exciting phase of evaluating and conceptualizing your idea. Our NAMA-Model is a solid starting point.

The NAMA - Model


Does my product solve a problem?


Am I passionate about my idea?


Is there sufficient demand for my product?


Is the implementation of my product feasible?
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Would people really miss the product after they hear about it? Does it solve a problem or is it just another impractical idea? You might keep your eyes open during daily struggles and see which situations trigger complications or could be simplified. You could try to serve the whole population but addressing everyone`s preferences is a not a doddle. Instead focus on a specific segment and provide your product to a particular audience regarding age, level of education etc. It`s not a secret, that the increasing supply towards consumers is proliferating the software market which makes the hunt for the perfect idea even more demanding.  In contrast, countless companies start digitalizing their services and are therefore dependent on latest solutions. Niches are everywhere and especially in the business-to-business area!  

But don`t forget to ask yourself always the same questions before getting started:
“Will my product solve my customers` problems? Can I provide value to my customers and to myself?”


To provide value to yourself, your own passion is the key element! If you can`t identify yourself with the concept behind your idea, you will fail sooner than later. Despite the threat of entrepreneurial obsession, the advantage of your entrepreneurial passion is not only that you will become highly motivated but it lets you pivot and go on with your ideas until you find the right concept. Nonetheless, also unsexy ideas can trigger your affection towards a project – just dig deep into the topic and you will get hooked – and might have in the end way more market potential than popular ideas.  This is the beauty of such an unattractive market. They are often large and unsatisfied…




You could start with evaluating market sizes in traditional industries that may be looked over by others and that can be disrupted by new technologies. But there are also niches in booming industries or markets with poor quality products where your application will stand out.


In any case it is crucial to analyse first of all whether there is a market! Why should you spend so much time and effort in your product if only a few people want the product? Besides an extensive market research you need a concrete test in the market place. Create your prototype or even your final product and validate your concept in the specific market. During this process you are likely to change your business concept and iterate the idea.


If you don`t launch the idea you won´t get the chance to receive feedback from the market and to optimize it. Therefore, your product has to perform well for it to succeed and you have to ask yourself whether the implementation of the project is feasible. Nowadays one can implement products and leverage them to become a worldwide success – even with very limited budget. In this last step you will evaluate which resources are needed and not whether, but how you can afford them.


You might have the best idea, but it`s the final product which provides value.
Start with us today and “BUILD, MEASURE and LEARN”!


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The importance of testing your idea

When developing your idea it is crucial to show it to your prospective customers as early as possible, even in a very rudimentary form. Too many startups spend months developing an idea for a product that they “think” people want, without ever showing the actual product. In the end, they fail because their customers do not really care about their idea. Therefore, start by building your minimum viable product (MVP), speak to your prospective customers and see if they find your product interesting. You will be able to gain important insights and can adapt your product accordingly to guarantee an even better fit in the market.


Don´t wait for the right moment to start. The moment is now!  Let us build together your visual identity and your final product in form of a website or app and bring your idea to life.